Chef Kevin Brothers

Personal Chef

I cook so you don't have to!

I am a professionally trained chef providing in-home services such as meal preparation for busy families and working professionals, as well as dinner parties. I regularly consult with a licensed nutritionist to create healthy and balanced meals, and I can also accommodate special diets (e.g. Diabetic-friendly, Food Allergies, Weight Loss, etc). I'm inspired by Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean flavors, and the ever changing seasonality of local produce.

In Home Meal Preparation 

First, let's dispel a myth. Personal Chefs are not just for the rich!

There is a common misconception that personal chefs are unaffordable for the average person. If we do the math, you'll see that having a personal chef can actually save your money and priceless time. 

EATING OUT: Due to convenience, many Americans resort to eating outside of the home 4-5 times per week, according to the latest data. Aside from the known fact that frequent eating out is associated with obesity from foods higher in calories, sodium, sugar, and bad fats, tend to cost more. It's not cheap to eat out! An average meal with a beverage, appetizer, and entree for one person at a popular restaurant chain comes to about $30 plus tax and tip. Now multiple this by 5 times a week, and by the number of people in your family. Also, think about the time it takes you to get to and from said restaurant and the gas money involved. 

EATING IN: Even if you were to cook healthy meals at home, the USDA estimates that a family with two adults and two children would spend on average $250 a week. Now let's factor in time spent grocery shopping (1-2 hours), time spent preparing meals and cleaning up (1-2 hours each night), and gas money to and from the grocery stores (have you seen the price of gas these days?!). Using personal chef services, you'd still be paying the grocery cost, but you'd be saving 8-16 hours of time per week. You can use that extra valuable time to spend with your family, exercise, relax, or do whatever else you haven't had time for. And as icing on the cake, Chef Brothers knows where to shop for the best value food and can help you cut down on your grocery bills substantially.  

A BETTER SOLUTION: If you're interested in saving money on grocery bills while avoiding the rat race of shopping, saving time during your week, avoiding overly processed unhealthy "fast" foods, and coming home to a clean kitchen with no dishes to do and a delicious, healthy meal made from scratch, then Chef Brothers can be your solution. Read on for information on how it works...

Initial Consultation

This consultation for personal chef services is free of charge. Chef Kevin will come to your home and discuss your preferences including likes/dislikes, any food allergies/sensitivities, and the frequency of your personal chef services.


Shopping will be done the day of meal preparation. This will ensure that all ingredients are fresh. Any dietary needs or lifestyle preferences will be accommodated (such as gluten free, vegetarian, organic, soy free, and sodium restrictions). You are responsible for the cost of groceries. 

Meal Preparation

Preparation will be conducted at your home and Chef Kevin will bring any additional supplies needed to prepare your meals. Items will be clearly labeled and placed in your fridge with heating instructions. Kevin will clean as he goes and leave your kitchen as he found it.


Instead of charging per dish, you will only be billed for Chef Kevin’s time and the cost of groceries. This allows you to formulate a meal plan without minimums. The rate is $65 per hour + cost of groceries for on-site  in-home meal preparation. The hourly rate for meal planning, grocery shopping, and travel from market  to home is $35 per hour. The number of hours will vary due to the amount of meals and their complexity. Typically, a week's worth of entrees with sides for a family of four will take about 3 hours to prepare, and about 2 hours to factor in custom menu planning, shopping, packaging, and clean-up.

NOTE: There is a one-time container charge of $75 for the packaging of your meals. These are durable, high-quality, re-usable containers. These containers are yours to keep.


Payments for hourly services can be made by check or bank transfer. Please make checks out to : Chef Brothers Personal Services, LLC. Invoices will be sent to your email via Quickbooks.  Terms can be discussed for ongoing service.