Chef Kevin Brothers

Personal Chef

I cook so you don't have to!

I am a professionally trained chef providing in-home services such as meal preparation for busy families and working professionals, as well as dinner parties. I regularly consult with a licensed nutritionist to create healthy and balanced meals, and I can also accommodate special diets (e.g. Diabetic-friendly, Food Allergies, Weight Loss, etc). I'm inspired by Asian, Latin, and Mediterranean flavors, and the ever changing seasonality of local produce.



Most soups can be made Vegan, Vegetarian, or with an added protein

Coconut Red Lentil - ginger, fresh herbs, coconut cream

Curried Cauliflower - roasted cauliflower, Indian spices, cilantro, chicken stock

Kale and Sweet Potato Soup- wilted kale, roasted sweet potato, aromatic hens, chicken stock

Quinoa-Vegetable Soup- carrots, parsley, fennel, celery root, vegetable stock

Grass fed-Beef and Barley Stew- stewed beef, carrots, onions, tarragon

Grass fed-Turkey and White Bean Chili- navy beans, aromatics herbs, chili powder, cumin

Chicken and Mushroom Immune-Enhancing Soup - homemade chicken broth, mirepoix, mushrooms, astragalus root